Add The Power Of Follow-up Email To Your Autoresponder
In the past if you wanted to create a powerful follow-up email campaign, you had to either pay huge licensing fees or pay a monthly fee but not with Autoresponder Unlimited.
  • No Monthly Fees  - Pay Only Once & Own it for Life.

  • Complete Easy to Follow Installation Instructions.

  • Send Unlimited Number of Follow-up Emails.

  • Works on Unlimited number of subscribers.

  • Fully automated, will work for you 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

  • Super fast email delivery - 600 emails per minute

  • Automatically wraps words at 65 lines per line.

  • Full Customization - can send emails with actual names of clients and email addresses

  • Customized "Thank You" Page. You can set-up a thank you page after your client has subscribed.

  • All follow-up emails can have an attachment - you can attach any file type to your email messages up to 2MB

  • You can manually Unsubscribe any email addresses

  • Your subscribers can Unsubscribe using a Link in every email message

  • Power Checking of Duplicate Email Addresses.

  • Very easy to use Admin Control Panel.

  • Super easy to Export Email Addresses

  • Super easy to Import Email Addresses

  • Subscription Box automatically generated for you.

  • You will receive a report every time a follow-up is sent to your subscribers.

  • Text or HTML emails

  • Low Cost - Only $250.00 - Installation and Setup Included
Take Control & Alleviate The Hassles Of Managing Your Own Mailing Lists & Spend Less Time Maintaining Your Prospects!"
Running Out Of Time To Spend Preparing Mailings To Your Multiple Lists?
Wish You Could Make Long, Tedious Jobs Quicker & Easier?
Looking For Alternative Ways To Make Your Work Simpler?
Then Look No Further...
Every online marketer would have used an autoresponder service at one time or another. It's simply the best way to stay in contact with your prospects and clients - even while you sleep. Having an autoresponder is like having a salesman working for you 24/7... Whenever a prospect opts-in to your list, they will receive the information that they requested soon afterwards.

Statistics show that sending follow-up messages to your prospects increases the conversion rates. Prospects need to read five or more emails from the same person over a period of time as it builds relationships and trust and they learn more about the particular subject. With more information, they can make an informed decision.

The upside is always good for the recipient, but what about the sender? The business person who is sending the email... You?

We know from experience how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to keep in touch with prospects and customers. Because when you put your business into someone else's hands by using an online autoresponder service, all manner of things can go unexpectedly wrong... and they often do!

Have you ever:

  • Spent hours preparing mailings to send out?

  • Agonised over importing leads to your list?

  • Stressed out waiting for a mailing to complete and just cross your fingers, hoping that the network won't go down and freeze the mailing?

      Cursed at your computer when you don't receive a confirmation email as proof of the mailing you just sent?

It's not uncommon... Too many have suffered these symptoms when relying on others... Communicating with your clients online can be very trying at times, and the time has come to make this work quicker, simpler and easier than ever before!

The script runs from your own domain, which alleviates the main problem -- NOT being in control of your mailings! When you pay for an autoresponder service each month, (which really adds up doesn't it?), you expect to have a good, reliable service where nothing goes wrong don't you? Of course! But it doesn't always work out that way does it?... Often we find that there could be network or server problems that will happen right in the middle of a mailing... and while you are sitting there waiting for the mailing to complete, when you have better things to do, it's not uncommon for the mailing to freeze up and stop 'somewhere' in the middle of your mailing.

So what can you do in that situation? Not a lot really. If the program happens to show the email addresses on-screen as they are being processed, you might know around the last email that your message was sent to. But then what? Do you have to create a new list so the subscribers who receive the first email don't receive it again? Because we all know what subscribers think of multiple mailings don't we? They don't like it and find it very easy to just click that unsubscribe link.

You work too hard to build your list and promote to encourage new prospects to subscribe to your list. When uncontrollable things like this happen to you in business, it can be painful and upsetting because of the efforts that you have made to build your business ethically. Take some good advice...

Don't Waste Your Efforts! --> Work Smarter - Not Harder!